Very few people realize that Panama has its own economic passport program. However, this program is unique. By simply placing a 300,000 USD fund in an approved government bond or investment program, WHICH PAYS YOU INTEREST, and agreeing to lock it down for 5 years, you will acquire a Panamanian passport. This passport allows you to travel to all countries with which Panama has visa-free entry agreement. You keep the passport as long as you hold the 300,000 USD in the account.

The investment is perfectly safe, in fact one of the safest, since it is an investment in The Panama Bond Program, which raises funds for Panamanian infrastructure projects. Panama passport´s advantages over other passport programs include:

  • The Passport is not citizenship, so it does not breach the second citizenship rule of some countries such as Ukraine, China and Russia.
  • The passport allows you to open bank accounts and carry out activities in Panama´s vast banking network.
  • The passport gives you access to Panama´s visa free travel options and is an excellent travel document.
  • The passport is essentially the cheapest passport option, being effectively zero cost besides from legal fees.
  • You can reside in Panama under this passport and conduct business, thus obtaining tax residency.
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