Panama offers one of the world´s best tax optimization regimes for trading and startup companies who register in the free zone. Registering your company in the Panama free zone provides many benefits including:
  • The free zone certificate, along with an office and staff, provides substance. Your company will be treated as a head office or management center (an operating company), which means it will be considered by banks and other financial institutions as having to report to Panama only under the CRS (Common Reporting Standards).
  • The free zone allows zero tax on worldwide profits as well as duty free and Vat free imports and exports of goods and services, making it an ideal base for international trade.
  • The free zone company with full operations allows you to establish excellent relations with banks registered in Panama, giving you access to major banking infrastructure and facilities.
  • Employee hiring regime is streamlined and easier than for other corporations under Panamanian Law.
  • Panama does not forbid nor regulate crypto trading companies, which makes this country the ideal place to base your crypto or ICO startup. In fact, The Panamanian Government is planning to enact crypto-friendly licensing legislation, giving even more legitimacy to this sector.
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