Panama Residency offers a unique real estate tour to its readers, which is customized to show over twenty properties and opportunities in any area of Panama, including mortgage sales, developers’ offers and really good deals in general. When you see what Panama has to offer, and at what prices, you will realize you are buying at the very bottom: the real estate can only go up. Here is why you should buy in Panama now:

  • Due to unprecedented, unfair and indeed inaccurate attacks on Panama as a country by the international press, this combined with a lack of political will; Panama has experienced the lowest property prices in its ten year history of booms. However, this is all about to change as Panama has signed deals with China, which means Chinese money is coming to Panama to purchase real state en masse. Moreover, there will be an election soon and many investors are awaiting this before buying. At this moment, property in Panama is at the very bottom and, as Warren Buffet said, when everyone else is scared is time to get greedy.
  • Panama City real estate offers quality properties comparable to some of Miami’s finest residences, only at a fraction of their prices. You will find apartments that would cost 5 million dollars in Miami, with marble flooring and sea views, which cost less than 1 million in Panama. Panama City has tremendous malls, casinos and infrastructure close to beach resorts, offering a truly amazing lifestyle.
  • Besides from ultra-high quality apartments and houses for the discerning investor, you can find whole islands and island properties for sale very close to Panama City, thus obtaining the best of both worlds. For those who like the cool of mountain ranches, Panama has also elite ranch and farming properties to offer.
  • For those who have a smaller budget or don’t like city life, there are numerous ex-pat communities to choose, with great accommodation from beach front to mountain landscapes.
  • Developers are now offering amazing per construction deals, and our experts will help you choose from the best properties and at the best terms.