There are over 46 types of Residency Visas in Panama, which means we are able to choose the right one for each of our clients. Panama is growing and looking for people to contribute to its economy:

The investor’s visa gives you permanent residency for a minimum 300,000 $ investment in Panama Real estate, which can be your own apartment or a rental one. Panama Real estate is now an excellent opportunity to invest in low prices

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The pensionado Visa has been consistently voted the best retirement visa around the globe for many years. In order to qualify, you need to demonstrate a permanent lifetime income of 1000 USD a month from a government or a private pension fund. There is no other investment required. The pensionado is not restricted by age so you can be as young or as old as you like. The Pensioner´s visa allows you up to 25% discount on services such as restaurants, pharmacies, hospitals, movie theatres, and many others.

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The Panama business investment option allows you to obtain permanent residency with a minimum investment in a new or existing business of 180,000 USD. Panama has huge business opportunities due to a lack of skilled labor force and a growing high wealth and ultra high wealth community that requires more and more sophisticated services. The Panamanian economy has immense and growing potential from small to medium business such as car repair, ship repair, B and B and small hotels, fishing and chartering, printing and publishing to large scale tourism, aquaculture and agricultural operations. Indeed, in order to attract investments, Panama has granted tax free status in areas such as agriculture, tourism and others.

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If you are a professional with a recognized degree in Panama´s skill shortage list you will be granted permanent residency even without a job offer. As an example, Panama is looking for IT specialists particularly in the cryptocurrency field. With Panama´s new cryptocurrency and ICO legislation soon to come into effect, this country is the ideal place to incubate Crypto/ICO startups and projects. To be eligible for this visa you simply need a degree from a recognized university in the Panama short skills set, this includes, at the moment, IT, management, hospitality, farming, financial services, and many others.

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Panama is committed to reducing the impact of global warming by a highly-innovative government subsided reforestation programme. The project involves planting valuable timber for production, and returns are set after the tree matures within 15-25 years, depending on the tree species (mainly teak). The returns are expected to be high yielding. Thus you are not only obtaining residency but also an investment which has the added benefit of helping the planet. The minimum investment is only 20,000-80,000 USD

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Panama is the only country in Latin America to have a dollarized economy, an abundance of available farmland, a high local demand for farm production and immense tax incentives. All of this is tied to a Panama residency programme for farm investment. Farming investments as low as 180,000 $ qualify for residency and tax free investments.

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We have covered the main options to obtain a Panamanian residency, however, there are still many others. If you have any questions about Panama and would like a free consultation, please write to us.