Mundo has a new website with an ocean of knowledge!

In Mundo, we always strive to offer the best services to you.

We have many years working with NTL, a first-level global financial, migration, and corporate services provider for high net worth individuals and family offices with 25 years of experience in the market.

After all this amazing time building an unmatched worldwide network of experts and partners and providing top-notch services, we knew we were ready to take the next step.

In order to continue providing the best services to our clients, we overhauled our image and created a new website. We are immensely happy to present you with your new worldwide, one-stop-shop of financial, corporate, migration, tax, banking, and migration services for family offices, investors, and high net worth individuals from all over the world.


What can you do on our new website?

The new Mundo website will be your pathway towards greater freedom.

Pandemics, high taxes, regulations, and financial restrictions are just a few of the many forces that stop you and your family from living freely. The world is today, pushing towards more restrictions that will increase asset confiscation, wealth taxes, and currency control. This process will result in less freedom to invest, live, and work.

But our new website puts you one step away from the best services, the best experts, and the best jurisdictions to protect your wealth, your family, and your legacy.

Mundo has its own law firm and a network of over 100 experts in more than 40 jurisdictions. Our website will allow you to quickly consult their services and choose the jurisdiction and product that suits you the best.

Our portal is a unique integration between the advanced skills of smart software and the experience that only top experts can provide. You will be able to interact with consultants from all over the world that will give you information you will hardly find anywhere else.


Mundo provides you with:

·    An interactive investment and services map that shows all investment opportunities and experts we have all over the world, a list that grows each day.

·    A unique compare section where you can easily compare different jurisdictions and services, so you can swiftly choose which suits you the best.

·  A section where you can see and contact our worldwide network of experts for a personalized consultation (with subscription).

·      A Country Focus section with complete information and services from our top jurisdictions.

·      Our online family office magazine (with subscription)

·  The possibility to prepare your tailor-made family office structure with our Forever Free plan. It includes all necessary structures and investments for a family office that protects your wealth, family, and legacy.


Our experts

Mundo’s key value is our unparalleled network of experts. You will have a one-stop-shop with all the best experts in their areas in the best jurisdictions.

Now, receiving information and consulting is easier thanks to our new expert interaction features. You can choose your expert and establish a conversation with him, evaluate his skills, and leave your comment.


What services do we offer?

·            Open a bank account

·            Open a company

·            Obtain a financial license

·            Create an investment fund

·            Obtain second citizenship or residency

·            Create a family office

·            Make an investment in the best jurisdictions


Mundo wants to become an essential portal to satisfy your financial and corporate services needs. We will offer you a personalized experience to get you in touch with the single-best experts from all over the world to protect your assets and enhance your wealth.